Surrender an Animal

We are limited in the amount of animals that we can take due to the availability of space and funds, and unfortunately cannot typically assist in taking in anymore animals. We do offer placement assistance such as temporary foster, transport, consultation on housing/fencing/behavior, and medical funding assistance when available. 
If you are trying having an issue with your farm animal and we can help you keep them in their loving home, please fill out the form below.
When attempting to find your animal a home independently, please keep in mind the following:
– Farm animals surrendered to the shelter system are often euthanized or placed in live auction, if they take them at all
– Domesticated farm animals are not equipped to survive in the wild and it is inhumane to do so
– Offering them for free on sites such as Craiglist can lead to them being slaughtered or used for cruel purposes such as dog fights or breeding
We recommend trying the following online groups and forums. Upload a photo and as much information as is known about your animal. Always spay and neuter when appropriate and get them medically up to date before surrendering.
Facebook Groups:
Vegan Farm Animal Rescue Network
Pig Family Re-home and Rescue
Vegans with Chickens
Eastern Snouts Adoption and Re-homing
With the growing population of people purchasing pigs as pets and the myths surrounding the size of what a mini pig will be at maturity, thousands of pigs are now finding themselves homeless and abandoned. Despite what breeders will say to make a quick dollar, mini pigs are typically over 100 pounds and can be or classified as any pig under 300 pounds. We encourage people to do research before welcoming a pig into their home and always adopt one of the many pigs currently needing a home.
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